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Holbrook Basin Potash, Jarrod Connolly

Holbrook Basin Drilling, Totally

Holbrook Basin Potash Map, Arizona Geological Survey

Petrified Forest National Park: Subsurface Mineral Ownerships

American West Potash

E-mail updates from Prospect Global Resources , (parent company of American West)

Project Overview & Environmental Aspects, AWP Presentation May 21-22

Key Economic Drivers for the Holbrook Area Potash Project, AWP Presentation April 23-24

Prospect Global Resources 2011 Annual Report

American West Potash, Prospect Global Resources Inc. Website

American West Potash Proposed 2012 Drilling Map

Labor Skills

Preliminary Economic Assessment: American West Potash Holbrook Basin Project, December 2011

2011 Potash Resource Assessment for the Holbrook Basin Project Holbrook, Arizona, October 2011

Holbrook Area Potash Project -- American West Potash Presentation

Holbrook Area Potash Project -- American West Potash: Economic Drivers Presentation

HNZ Potash

Hunt NZ LLC Website

Passport Potash

Passport Potash Inc. Website

Cultivating Global Growth

Passport Potash NT 43-101 Report 30 Mar 2012

NI 43-101 Technical Report on Exploration Potential Holbrook Basin Potash Project, Navajo County, Arizona, November 2011

Apache County Planning

Apache County Comprehensive Plan

City of St. Johns General Plan

Proposed Circulation Map

Navajo County Planning

Aztec Area Plan

Cedar Hills Land Use Plan

City of Holbrook General Plan

Navajo County Central Area Transportation Study - Final Report - Adopted December 14, 2010

Navajo County Comprehensive Plan

Projected Future Circulation Routes

Town of Snowflake General Plan

Petrified Forest National Park Planning

Petrified Forest National Park: General Management Plan Amendment and Environmental Assessment

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